When To Break-Up With A Book

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Alright, we’ve all been through this before.. Picking up a new book, the description seems promising, the cover is captivating … but then you are 5 chapters in and just getting there was a grueling task. How do you decide when it’s time to throw in the towel and break-up with a book? Well the breaking point will be slightly different for everyone, but it is totally acceptable to commit a book break-up when any of these situations happen:

  1. It takes 3 pages to describe a hill with a tree on it … We get it! It’s green and when the wind blows it’s magical.
  2. After re-reading the same page 4 times, you are finally able to process what’s going on.
  3. The only voice the main character has is “whiny” – Really, we deal with these people enough in real life.
  4. 50 pages in and there are a whole grand total of 25 different words.
  5. Your head starts to spin after switching between so many different points of view – Wait… Who’s talking now?
  6. There is a typo on the first page … Seriously?
  7. Every time you start reading, you wake up 30 minutes later with the book on the floor.
  8. You’re just not into the book and it’s not attention grabbing – Just put it down, it’s okay.
  9. When there are 6 characters with names that start with “M”, 5 characters with names that start with “S”, and they travel to 25 different cities – Ummmmm … okay, who did what where again?
  10. You swear that you just read this page in the last chapter.
  11. One of the main characters resembles your Ex a little too closely … and it was not a happy ending for you.
  12. The author is attempting to provide “accurate” information in their fiction story – but the information is fiction too
  13. Everything that could possibly go wrong for the protagonist does – the downward spiral that never ends until the ‘how the hell did that get pulled off’ ending.
What are some of your last straws that end in a book break-up? Comment below, on twitter @books_unveiled or on facebook /booksunveiled. *As always, thanks for reading!


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