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This week I adventured inHarmony Scrollto a new book and unfamiliar author by reading The Harmony Scroll by Edita A. Petrick. Actually, this is the 2nd book in Petrick’s Stella Hunter Mystery Book series; Ribbons of Death is Book 1. Petrick wrote each of the Stella Hunter books to be read as either standalone or part or the series. So even though I have not read Ribbons of Death, I was able to pick up this book without any problems. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. I probably would have caught on to some of the characters and relationships a little bit quicker if I had read Book 1 first, but overall I really did enjoy this book as a standalone.


The Harmony Scroll (Stella Hunter Mystery Book 2) is about Stella Hunter’s adopted son, Gabriel, and the curse that he carries with him. Gabriel is known, by the few who possess this knowledge, as the Peacetaker. Stella has been doing thorough research in hopes that she can find a cure for this curse, but the only mention of hope is an ancient scroll that may contain the powers of reversal. Just one problem, no one has documented sight of this scroll it in hundreds of years. Time is running short on finding the scroll; if she can’t manage to do that, the whole world may be in danger.

The Negative:

Let’s start with some areas of improvement in this here book. First, it did take a few chapters for the story to really kick start itself. So, if you can make it through the first bit, it starts to pick up pace and will gain interest. Second, there are a lot of names mentioned throughout the story. I found that sometimes it was hard to keep up with who was who and how they impacted the scroll. With that being said, towards the end, the story makes sense and the important names stick out. My suggestion would be to not focus so much on the names of these people in history as you read the book, focus more on the present day characters.

The Positive:

The book is written from the point of view of a man named Carter. He is a very close friend (and possibly lover?) of Stella Hunter. He cares about Gabriel as much as he might his own children and will do anything to help Stella reverse his curse. Carter is by far a complex and fantastic character. He has internal conflict, personal self-discovery, drama and just a likeable personality. I’m glad this is the character Petrick chose to write from, because he definitely keeps the story interesting. On another positive note, the book reminds me a little bit of The Da Vinci Code: A Novel (Robert Langdon) in that it has a lot of mystery revolving around religion and myths. I find the story to take interesting twists in that aspect and it also allows the readers to think during the whole story.

My Pick One Favorite:

You touch that what you want to feel. You see that which you need to see, and you hear that which feeds your fears.

My favorite quote from this book comes from a description of the scroll. This quote can so easily fit into any aspect of life today, which creates a great message to readers.

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 7/10

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