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Academy imageOkay… So even though I haven’t done any reviews on specific books in these series yet, I wanted to write a post about the author and the series as a whole. There are two “Academy” series written by C.L. Stone – Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle. Essentially, they have the same themes, but differ in content and character development. These books are centered on what is called “The Academy” and different groups of characters within that – I can’t really give too much away about what “The Academy” is without ruining some of the story though. I wish I could! But I really want to leave the effect C.L. Stone placed in the books for those that haven’t read it yet. What I can say is that the Academy is very secretive and want to keep anonymity always. Anyway – in each series, the storyline focuses on a strong female character, from whose viewpoint the story is written from, and her journey after accidently finding a male group of “academy guys” (which are always described as remarkably good looking … ummmm yes please!). Since the Academy is so secretive, the female characters have no idea what they are really getting into, but they soon find out.

So on top of the main storyline of the female characters progressing with the Academy groups, there are smaller storylines within every book. These smaller stories generally involve problem solving or a “who-done-it” sort of thing while at the same time adding to the overall story that carries over from book to book. C.L. Stone really does a fantastic job in progressing characters based on events that happen throughout the books. I mean, how great is it to be able to see cause and effect within character emotions and personality? It definitely gives a more realistic style to the way these books are written. Now for the really awesome part to the Academy series ….. both books are written in the same timeline, meaning occasionally C.L. Stone will place crossover events and characters in each series! So yes, there is a really amazing advantage to reading both instead of just picking one storyline since you can pick up little character details and facts (very clever Stone… very clever). Since a new book in each series is released 6 months apart, the story – and Academy fixes – continue on a more frequent basis than having to wait a full year.

Now let’s get a little more specific…

Ghost Bird Series

Okay. The Ghost Bird Series was the first of the two and is tailored towards a slightly younger audience, but really is still enjoyable for all. The characters are all in high school or recently graduated, with the main character, Sang, as only 15 years old. Throughout the books, Sang finds herself in uncomfortable romance situations (high school approved), suspense and a world of mysteries. Overall, she is a relatable character. Sometimes the drama can seem childish and silly, but even if you haven’t been in high school for a while – some longer than others – it is reminiscent of real high school drama. I can definitely relate from my past experiences! Keep in mind, this book is intended for a less prudent audience, so you won’t be seeing any 50 Shades of Grey here. But in all seriousness, C.L. Stone does a great job in ensuring that readers are able to connect with the characters.

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Romance

Rating: 7/10

Scarab Beetle Series

These books! Alright, this storyline is my favorite of the two – most likely because it is geared for a more mature audience, so it is more relevant to me now. Kayli takes the lead role of these books struggling, similar to Sang, with romantic dilemmas, and mysterious and suspenseful situations. She also finds herself entangled in a world of extremely hot Academy guys (yes!) and their journey of life in your 20’s – Academy style. These books have more graphic and intense romantic scenes, bolder stunts and struggles that many young adults find themselves with once they are out on their own. Again, C.L. Stone hits the mark in relatability with her characters in these books (I just can’t say that enough!).

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Romance

Rating: 8/10

Alright, to sum things up….

C.L. Stone created two powerful stories intertwined in the same world. Although these books are definitely easy reads, they are enjoyable and leave you wanting more in the end. With cliffhangers at every turn, you can be left wondering when your questions will be answered, but each book gives you just enough to satisfy. I can really say that I look forward to when the next books come out and at this point don’t ever want them to end.

Here is an up-to-date list of the books in this series found on , they are all available in e-book or paper form and some of the intro books are even discounted (great way to get started!):
*Note that these are Kindle e-books, you do not have to own a kindle to download these books, the kindle app is free to download on any device. You can download for FREE here - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices*

Ghost Bird

Scarab Beetle

What are your thoughts about the series? Pros, Cons, favorite parts… anything!
*As always, thank you for reading!

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  • February 5, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    Great job explaining the books without giving anything away! You got me interested! I want to start with the Scarab Beetle series!

    Happy Reading!!

    • February 5, 2016 at 6:18 pm

      Hi Tracie – I actually started with the Scarab Beetle books before reading the Ghost Bird ones as well. They can definitely be read as solo series and are still worth the read. Thanks for the contribution!

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