Review: Worth Dying For – Lee Child (A Reacher Novel)

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WorthDyingForFor those who haven’t had the pleasure of reading any Reacher novels.. let me enlighten you to the amazing persona of Mr. Jack Reacher. He is an ex-military bad ass with a knack for being at the right place at the right time. During his military service he served as a sort of military cop – so not only does he know how to fight and analyze a sticky situation, he also knows how investigate and outsmart. Reacher is what we might consider a modern day nomad. His possessions consist of the clothes on his back and anything he can fit in his pockets. His method of cross-country travel…? Hitchhiking. Yup.. that is good ‘ol Reacher for you. He doesn’t want to be attached to anywhere but always seems to find himself involved in other people’s issues. Although he tries to keep an unbiased point of view, his conscience always seems to kick in and forces him to do what is right. And right by Reacher standards means you get what’s coming to you – may that be in the form of a swift kick to the ass or in the form inevitable death … Okay so Reacher’s idea of keeping a clear conscience only applies to the innocent, I can get behind that. Lee Child, the author, does an amazing job of crafting Jack Reacher’s persona to be a straight forward, no shits given, going to take the law into my own hands kind of guy – and readers love it!

Now for a brief summary of Worth Dying For:

‘… If you throw a frog in hot water, he’ll jump right out again. Put him in cold water and heat it up slowly, he’ll let himself get boiled to death without ever noticing.’
‘And that’s you?’
‘Yes,’ she said. ‘That’s us.’

Reacher finds himself in a small Nebraska town, corn country, where a local family has scared the rest of the town into following their rules. With territorial wars and an unsolved missing child case, Reacher must choose: find a way past the Duncan Family to continue on to Virginia, or stay in corn country to finish the unraveling he started. This is truly a great suspense-filled journey that has you guessing the whole way through. Reacher’s skill is testing in many ways that will have you wondering if and how he might get out. There are controversial themes and snippets throughout the novel that may have you thinking beyond Reacher and how these effect our own world. This is a must read!

My Pick One Favorite:

… because thoughts don’t necessarily happen one at a time. They come in starbursts and waterfalls and explosions and they race away on parallel tracks, jostling, competing, fighting for supremacy.

I absolutely love this line from the book. First, it goes to show how Lee Child can create beautiful metaphors that allow readers to interpret the scenery their own way. Second, it really makes you think about how our thoughts interact together and how we come to decisions in a way you may never have thought about it before.

Wrap up..

Overall, this is a fantastic read and should be added to your must read list; if it hasn’t made it on there already. You will not be disappointed with Child’s writing style and the plot that unfolds with Reacher along for the ride. There are 40 Reacher novels written by Lee Child in total, but don’t worry, they can all be read as standalones. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with any Reacher novel you pick up.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Rating: 9/10


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