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“A guardian may never prevent the life or death of any given person by means of bending time. It is wrong to interfere in the providence and ultimate will of God. (Rule 1: Amalgam of Dover)”


“Jeremiah Cameron Tremaine
Within the body of Jeremy is a weapon of mass destruction. Being the strongest host in Dover’s Amalgam, he is a hurricane of a class all by himself. The strongest host alive. Living between two time periods: one life in medieval Dover and the other in modern Louisiana, England, and the Cayman Islands, he finds life becomes a cluster of unfortunate events that bring him face to face with the girl he left behind.

Beau Angelle Benoit
Eight years ago, something happened to Jeremy. After being lost in Hurricane Libby, Beau was there when they found him naked, half starved, and surrounded by dead animals. She could hear him speaking without ever opening his mouth and when he touched her, she could feel the energy he contained. But instead of trusting her with his abilities, he left her to face government officials who probed her mind and a town that thought her a lunatic.

Jeremy is back in his hometown of Gueydan, Louisiana to help with church reform and to dismantle host formation as the dawn of mega storms comes to the south coast. When he sees that Beau is in need of hero, he is more than happy to be that person. Wanting to see her reputation restored, he will do anything to make right the wrongs he is responsible for in her life—even if it means to lie to her so he can protect her from becoming a target for the enemies of Dover. The Hun’s are back and forming an army of host of its own, plowing down anyone that stands in their way of power and complete control of Dover’s Amalgam.Goodreads

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Thoughts About The Book

Let’s talk about time travel for a minute. It’s a pretty tough, but interesting, subject to approach in a novel. There can be a lot of “science” behind what goes into the story, so getting it right is a major factor to the novel’s success. There’s also the butterfly effect to think about. If you haven’t heard of that, the butterfly effect essentially means if you go back in time and kill a butterfly, current time will be completely different from that one small change. So. How does messing with time effect the story? Will changes be that drastic? Will there be rules, regulations, and/or consequences? Well Elizabetta Holcomb seems to have done her homework in the subject and pulls of a gripping time travel romance tale – Category Jeremy (to be released June 1st).

IMG_20160522_101624First, thank you to the author for sending me a copy of her wonderful book to review pre-release. Second, I want to mention that this is the second book in the Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam series, but I have not read the first installment. I expressed my concern to Elizabetta and was assured that her and her editor worked very hard to allow Category Jeremy to be read as standalone. With that disclaimer, I am pleased to agree that they indeed did a fantastic job creating a story that played off the first novel, but was able to be read alone as well. There was really only one part that I felt slightly confused with the dynamics of the time traveling (and assume it probably made perfect sense to those that read the first book); HOWEVER, that did not ruin my experience in reading this at all.  In fact, let me express some of my raving feelings on Category Jeremy.

Elizabetta *slow hand clap* – Well done on a seriously fantastic time travel novel. To be honest, after a few chapters I began to get a Twilight sort of feel to the story. Okay, haters of Twilight calm down. Think about how huge Twilight is – that is an amazing compliment to Holcomb – plus, I’m a Twilight  fan, sue me. Anyway, the story and romance between Beau and Jeremy takes the front seat to this novel and I love it! Category Jeremy has this atmosphere of supernatural, romance, and time traveling to make a perfect concoction for a “suck-you-in” kind of story. My favorite aspect of Holcomb’s writing? She brings awareness disability issues through her characters such as: autism, dyslexia, and aspergers and makes it known that she is a contributor to #Lift4Autism. This autism awareness fund includes authors and bloggers that raise funds for those effected by autism and their families. If you want to learn more about this movement, please visit their website. This is such an awesome contribution, how could you not love Elizabetta??


Yes. Very much yes.

Although Category Jeremy can be read as a stand alone novel without issue, I would recommend reading The Guardian first (book 1 in the Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam series). I can imagine that the story is just more fluid by reading them in order. Time travel, plot twists, action, romance, supernatural, definitely a recipe for success.

My 5 Cup Rating:

Book Info

Genre: Scifi, Time Travel, Romance, Historical
Pages: 244 (electronic format)
Publication Date: June 1, 2016
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing
Website: Elizabetta Holcob  official website
Category Jeremy on Goodreads
Elizabetta Holcomb Amazon author page
My Review Copy: ARC provided by the author
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Book 1 in Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam series:
The Guardian

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