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Hello there booknerds! You know your favorite book? How you picture each of the characters in your head? Ever wonder who would be the real life castings of these characters? Well, I wondered the same thing! That’s why I’ve decided to start a new posting series call Fictional Realities – where your fictional characters come to life! (sort of) I’ve scoured for people who I think best represent characters of a certain book and (hopefully) would be part of the cast if ever the book was to be a movie.


For the first posting, I’ve decided to cast Colleen Hoover‘s November 9. If you haven’t read it, you are seriously missing out. Really. This is my first book from her I’ve read, and now I have to buy each and every one of her books. You can read my review of November 9 for more details! Feel free to comment, critique, and suggest castings who you think would match these characters as well. Enjoy!

The Cast:

Fallon | Staring Amanda Seyfried


I picture Fallon as this girl who is beautiful, but innocent. To the extent that she’s lost all confidence so she no longer knows she’s beautiful. Long chestnut hair and stunning green eyes (as described in the book by Ben). So I decided to go with Amanda Seyfried. I seriously believe she is stunning, but contains this innocence that I’m looking for in Fallon (plus – she’s totally got the hair). Just add the scars and we’re there!




Ben | Staring Liam Hemsworth


Ben. Ohhh Benny Boy. He’s the guy that can pull off the sexy messy look – without even trying!! Uggggh to be a guy that could roll out of bed and look perfect without ever knowing the struggle of styling hair, applying make-up, selecting the perfect outfit combination. You feel me, right ladies?! I don’t even really wear a lot of make-up and it still takes me forever to get ready! Sometimes I think it’s in the female DNA. Anyway. Liam Hemsworth totally has the dark, messy, sexy look going on with eyes that seem to bore into you. And correct me if I’m wrong (seriously, you can totally disagree) but I think him and Amanda Seyfried look pretty freaking awesome together.


 Kyle | Staring Stephen Amell


Okay first off, if you don’t know Stephen Amell, watch The Arrow on the CW. Then you will understand. He is also going to be in the new Ninja Turtles movie. *whaaaaaat!?* Yeah, pretty exciting. But in November 9, Kyle is the middle brother and has a super serous attitude. Which, again, if you see Stephen Amell act, he totally pulls that serious, mysterious thing off. Plus, look at those gorgeous eyes. *sighs* Can you tell I have a thing for beautiful, soul-seeking eyes?? I digress. Stephen would make the perfect Kyle with his demeanour and looks.



Jordyn | Starring Indiana Evans

JordynJordyn is the blonde, never do wrong, wears emotions on her face kind of girl. She is also Kyle’s fiance and tell me how cute Stephen Amell and Indiana Evans look next to each other? They just mesh like PB&J. Yeah, I went there. Back to Indiana now. She is freaking cute! I imagine that she has a similar quality to Jordyn in that her emotions are laid out for all to see – whether she likes it or not. I con totally see her casted in a romance like November 9.

Ian | Staring Chris Hemsworth

ianIan, the eldest brother, is described as looking strikingly similar to Ben, with some small differences. So who better to cast for Ian than Liam’s actual brother?! Did you know they were brothers in real life? Yeah, I didn’t really realize it until like a year ago. Yeah, yeah I know – the names Erica, the names….. but such is my life. Also I don’t tend to keep up with the whole “Hollywood Tabloid” scene. HA! Anyway, besides the fact that they are actual brothers, who wouldn’t want a little Chris Hemsworth appearance? I vote yes please!







I had such a blast searching for and picking a cast for November 9. With it being a romance novel, I got to not only pick out the characters based on my description, but also pair them with their bookmates! I would love to know who you pictured as the cast. Comment with your own casting or join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Also, let me know if there are specific books you want to see a Fictional Realities post on and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Post your thoughts here!

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