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Books and Booze … Booze and Books. What could be a more perfect and fun combo? (besides coffee or tea that is) But for an adult version of reading sophistication, I decided to do some book and wine pairings. Think fine wine and cheese but instead of indulging in a slice of finely flavored Brie, you’re feeding your mind with wholesome words on a page. What could possibly go wrong with this experiment? Pairing will be rated on a scale of 🍷 to 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷.

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The Pairings


Scarlet and Chateau Berliquet

Okay. I wanted to go over a range of wines and styles of books, so let’s start with Marissa Meyer’s second installment of the Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet. One of the first things we learn about Scarlet is her down to Earth, farm natured personality. She has a soft spot for the land and her simple home in France, but don’t let that fool you. Scarlet is also comes jam-packed with attitude and self-preservation. So what better to pair her story with than a fine glass of Chateau Berliquet. The wine stems from France, like Scarlet herself, and contains notes of earthy and spicy. How perfect of a pairing is this? The experience is fantastic in mind and mouth! If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Scarlet yet, you can check out my non-spolier review.


Book: Scarlet
Wine: Chateau Berliquet
Wine Notes: Earthy and Spicy
Pairing Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷


November 9 and Chocolate Rogue

Romance and chocolate? That is a no-brainer, but did you know they make chocolate wine! Yes, I said chocolate wine. That is probably the greatest invention of all time (for those of us who are both chocolate and wine lovers). Chocolate wine is the perfect combination of all things heavenly. It seriously tastes similar to adult chocolate milk… Okay this stuff is dangerous. But a little danger never hurt anyone! Collen Hoover’s November 9 needs a little wine and chocolate to ease the pain from the tears you will shed reading this. Romance novel, check. Chocolate, check. Wine, check check. We are set! Check out my non-spolier review on November 9 if you haven’t had the pleasure yet.

Book: November 9
Wine: Chocovine
Wine Notes: Dark Chocolate and Cherries
Pairing Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷


Vampire Academy Series and Apothic Crush

If you haven’t read the Vampire Academy series, you are seriously missing out. It has to be one of my favorite series, really I must read it again soon. If you saw the movie, do not base your opinion of the book off of it.. but that’s for another post and another tangent. There are 2, well really 3, different races of vampires that live among humans: Mori (pure vampires, fragile and magical), Damphir (half vampire, half humans, strong and gain some of the best of both races), and Strigori (vampires turned to the dark side basically – don’t run into one of these). All of these vampires are graceful, strong, and mysterious in their own way, so I thought to pair it with an equally pairing of Apothic Crush. The Apothic line of wines come with beautiful and dark labels, instantly making me think of vampires and creatures of the night. How fitting!

Book: Vampire Academy
Wine: Apothic Crush
Wine Notes: red fruit, notes of caramel, velvety smooth
Pairing Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷




Conclusion. Wine and books definitely belong together. Putting some thought into the wine and pairing it with the book really elevates the reading experience. Stay tuned for more Books and Booze posts. They will include other features such as book bars (yes, they actually make those), how to relax with a glass of wine and a good book, alcohol content needed to finish certain books, book themed mixed drinks, and more. If there is a specific post you’d like to see, feel free to comment below and contact me directly.

Happy book-n-boozing, enjoy!

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