April Wrap-Up | 2016

April showers bring May flowers – or so the saying goes. Here in Colorado, we are still experiencing snow. I know I know, Colorado what are you doing? BUT in a positive light, the snow provided the perfect atmosphere to curl up with lots of good books, making April a great month for book adventures! So just how much adventuring did I do? Well overall, I was able to provide you all with only 1 Tidbit – but to be fair, I did go to Disney World, so can you blame me for not posting as much?? Along with the Tidbit, I finished 6 books and did 1 book subscription unboxing. Ummmm can I just pat myself on the back a little – only for a second, hold on – okay, that’s better. This is the most I’ve been able to complete yet, but with so many good books this month, each read went by so fast! Alright enough rambling, here are my April accomplishments:

April’s Most Anticipated Bookish Releases

April RelasesI compiled a list of some of April’s hot item releases based on Goodreads and hearsay from social media. I’ve only been able to purchase The Glittering Court off of this list, but I’m hoping to purchase more of these over the summer. See all of the releases on the full post to see what awesome books you may be missing out on.



Review: Loop by Karen Akins

IMG_20160407_225831I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Loop. This was the book included in our March Lit-Cube box for the Time Travel theme, so as you might be guessing, Loop is about time travel. In a nut shell, it is about this girl Bree who lives in the future and is a Shifter. Shifters are those people of the future who have inherited the gift of time traveling. Bree is in high school trying to finish her midterms, which consist of traveling back to the past and completing various tasks. Well her midterm, which was supposed t be easy, takes a totally unexpected direction and ends up changing everything Bree has even known about time travel. Overall, I gave Loop 4/5 . Check out the full post for my non-spoiler review.

Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

a6efcff4-6bde-4872-aa12-9f612dde8364The Girl on the Train was sort of a disappointment to me. It was a pretty interesting concept and I would recommend it for anyone who doesn’t watch too much NCIS or Law and Order. However, I’m the person that watches too many crime shows, so I knew who the “villain” was within 20 pages of the book. So you can imagine my discouragement when I ended up being right. Most people don’t experience this though and are figuring out the mystery for most of the book. Because of these factors, I gave the book 3/5 . I’m still going to see the movie when it comes out though! Check out the full post and non-spoiler review for more details.

Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

IMG_20160502_214116I seriously cannot rave enough about The Lunar Chronicles from Marissa Meyer. Scarlet is the second installment in this series and it’s even better than the first, Cinder. (If you haven’t read Cinder, you can check out my non-spoiler review.) Meyer continued to develop the world building and overall story in Scarlet. There were still bits of Cinder and Kai, but we are also introduced to Thorn, Scarlet, and Wolf – and let me just add here that I think Scarlet and Wolf are my new favorite OTP (one true pairing). This one gets a full 5/5☕. Get my full raving and fangirling on my full non-spoiler review.

Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover

7767fcd8-0339-43c3-90d3-903118efd615November 9. There is not enough praise to give to Colleen Hoover for her ability to portray emotions. This was my first Colleen Hoover novel and it will be far from my last. I’m not really too much of a romance person, but this book gave me the feels. So I’ve teared up in the past while reading, but never never have I cried reading a book. After reading November 9, I can no longer say that. It was written so well and the dynamic between Ben and Fallon is so real that I literally could not put this down. Seriously, I finished this book in a day. 1 day! November 9 has been added to my favorites and hopefully you get the same experience I did. Obviously since this is a new favorite, I gave it a dazzling (yes dazzling) 5/5 ☕. You can check out my non-spoiler review to get more details about Ben, Fallon, and November 9.

Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

IMG_20160404_093327Ah Golden Son, our favorite Red hero, Darrow, is back. First, please note that Red Rising is one of my new favorite trilogies – even though I han’t read the last book yet. With that said, if you haven’t read Red Rising yet, go read my non-spoiler review, pick up your copy, and read it now. Like right this second! Okay better, Golden Son met my expectations and more. The world and characters got even more complex than the first book, but in a good way. Darrow faces new struggles and must make tough decisions in order to pull of the revolution his people so desperately need him for. But the ending! Ohhhh the ending of this book had me in shock. I don’t think I even moved for at least 5 minutes. Go read my non-spoiler review for Golden Son and read that after you’ve read Red Rising. 5/5  of course!

Unboxing: Lit-Cube April – Anniversary of the Dragon

Lit-Cube has my heart! This was my second unboxing from them and they hit it home again. Their first month was Time Travel, which I adored and this month was Anniversary of the Dragon due to their one year of business marker. Happy Birthday Lit-Cube! Anyway, who doesn’t love dragons? I know I’ve always found them fascinating, so I’m looking forward to reading our Book of the Month, Slayers. Go see all the contents of my April box (unboxing video included as well).


Review: The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

IMG_20160425_212850Richelle Mead will always be one of my favorite authors. Her Vampire Academy series got me through my Twilight hangover. Anyway, I finished The Glittering Court and it was pretty good. It’s essentially about this nobel woman who wants to get away from her current life of nobility so she poses as her maid to enter The Glittering Court (which is a school for underprivileged women to learn how to act proper). I know it sounds weird, a nobel woman acting like a maid to become a nobel women, but trust me it works. I wouldn’t say it was one of my favorite books from Mead, but it had an interesting twist to it all. There will be two more sequels to this written from different girls’ perspectives. Should be interesting. I haven’t had a change to write a full review on this yet, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

What were you able to read in April? Share with me your excitements below!

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