About Me

A Little Background on Yours Truly and Books Unveiled:

Hi there bibliophiles! Welcome to my book blog. Allow me to first introduce myself. My name is Erica and I consider myself a book adventurer. I am a 20-something-year-old book nerd living in the ever-beautiful state of Colorado with my boyfriend, my 6-year-old daughter, and our Labrador, Koda (who’s actually more of a horse at about 115 lbs.). Whenever I have free time, I squeeze in some reading. During the snowy Colorado winters, I love to curl up with my favorite book and a spiked coffee (yumm!) by the fire; and in the warm summers, I enjoy basking in the sun while I get lost in the pages (most likely with a sweet tea in hand). I mean, really, what is life if you can’t escape for a little while into a land composed of an author’s guidance on your imagination? As a fellow reader, I hope to connect with many of you on personal and page inspired levels.

Professional Experience

I currently work as a quality assurance analyst for wholesale loan documentation (exciting right?), and am also working towards a degree in communications. In the meantime, I’m progressing through Caitlin Pyle’s proofreading course so that I am fully prepared to take on proofreading jobs (stay tuned for more info about jobs and rates – subscribe for the most current information). Eventually, I would love to become a full-time editor while taking proofreading jobs on the side. If you have any inquires about proofreading bids or book reviews, please contact me! (You can reach me via email at ems@booksunveiled.com or by visiting my contact page.)

What you can expect from my blog and reviews

Books Unveiled will delve into the world of both Adult and Young Adult books, mostly fiction. I am a huge advocate for reading and am seizing the opportunity to connect with others who love the words on a page as much as I do. This blog is also a way to provide insight on books for tentative readers; as some readers are scared to invest in a book without really knowing what it’s about and if it’s worth the read. My goal is that my reviews will encourage some followers to expand their range and maybe pick up a book or two they normally would shy away from.

Each book review will provide a general summary of the book, always non-spoiler unless disclosed otherwise, and go over items such as: author’s writing style, pros, cons and will end with my own personal 5-cup rating and approval. Comments on posts are encouraged and appreciated so we can continue the magic of the books after they are over (hurray for some book gossip!).

My 5-Cup Rating System

Love It! Definitely Recommended!
Enjoyed the Read
Liked the Read
Needs More Coffee to Get Through

Not For Me. Don’t Recommend.

In addition to reviewing, I will also include bookish tidbit posts which can range from:

  • Book Subscription Unboxings
  • Writing Tips
  • Bookish DIY
  • Book to Movie Comparisons
  • New Book Releases
  • Budgeting for Books
  • etc…

If there are any posts you’d like to see on the blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll do my best to make it happen! You can email me directly at ems@booksunveiled.com or you can visit my Contact Page and fill out the form. I look forward to connecting with each of you!

Happy reading!

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